Alyson Tabbitha

International Cosplay Star

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ABOUT Alyson Tabbitha

Alyson is an Artist from FL, whose many viral posts showcasing her transformation skills
has made a name for herself across the internet. She has experience in many different mediums such as
makeup, costume design, modeling, acting, promotional work & much more.

Cosplaying since 2014, she has become a prominent name in the cosplay community and garnered mainstream attention.
From being featured on the cover of a national newspaper, to countless news articles and TV mentions, celebrity recognition,
and working with some of world's biggest brands.

Alyson has shared many tutorials teaching other cosplayers step-by-step how she does her makeup transformations, styles wigs & makes her costumes and props from scratch. Her accessible methods have contributed greatly to the cosplay community,
showing that anyone can participate in this incredible hobby.
She is internationally recognized & loves traveling to meet fans (or future friends, as she likes to call them) at events. One of her favorite things about attending events is hearing about how proud cosplayers are of the creations they have made
? with the help of her tutorials, or how she was the reason they began cosplay.

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