Cosplay Competition

It's 2023! This means there has been 20 years of the cosplay competition which is HUGE! It means we’ve had cosplay in Aotearoa for longer than that, and that's super special!


2023 Judge

Award winning Costume Technician and Cosplay Judge Ri is returning for her fifth year of the contest! She is a fourth-generation seamstress and picked up the sewing bug when she was 7 years old, making quilts, doing embroidery and creating clothing all before reaching intermediate school.

In 2010 she made and created her first costume for a convention and fell in love with cosplay and the community. She has previously competed in the Armageddon cosplay competitions herself from 2012 to 2016, earning multiple prizes for her work over the years. You may recognise her for variety of Princess Cosplays.

At the end of 2017, she graduated with a Costume Construction diploma and has gone on to work on films, exhibits and large scale theatre productions.

No challenge is too big and she is always pushing herself to make something new and amazing. She is looking forward to meeting all this year’s contestants and be able to intertwine both her professional and cosplay knowledge into judging this year’s Armageddon Cosplay Competition.

2023 Judging Team

2023 Registration Dates

  • Tauranga 
    Registration opens 9am Saturday 11th February
    Registration closes 11.59pm Saturday 11th March 
  • Wellington
    Registration opens 9am Wednesday 8th March
    Registration closes 11.59pm Saturday 8th April

  • Christchurch
    Registration opens 9am Wednesday 15th March
    Registration closes 11.59pm Saturday 15th April

  • Auckland Spring
    Registration opens 9am Thursday 7th September
    Registration closes 11.59pm Saturday 7th October

Judging and Presentation Dates

  • Tauranga
    Judging - Saturday 25th March 
    Main Stage Presentation - Sunday 26th March
  • Wellington
    Judging - Saturday 22nd April
    Main Stage Presentation - Sunday 23rd April
  • Christchurch
    Judging - Saturday 29th April
    Main Stage Presentation - Sunday 29th April
  • Auckland Spring
    Judging - Saturday 21st October/Sunday 22nd October
    Main Stage Presentation - Monday 23rd October


Rules, Forms and Guides

Competition Registration Form


Construction Diary Template

Please note: any images captured of you in your cosplay may be used to promote the contest. For more information please see our photography disclaimer here.

Please message the Armageddon Facebook Page if you have any questions.

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Wellington Competition 2022

Tauranga Competition 2022

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