K-Pop Stage Tauranga

The K-pop stage returns to Tauranga Armageddon, once more!

K-pop (Korean Pop Music) has become a truly global phenomenon for its combination of outstanding music production, choreography, stages and variety of artists. We're just bringing a taster of that to the #Bayofgeddon stage for 2024. This year we have themed the event "HOTTEST DEBUT" - we'll be seeing performances and various games themed and selected based off debut songs from your favourite K-Pop artists. 

Taking to the main stage, we'll see a range of diverse NZ crews performing iconic K-pop songs, both old and new. There will be goodies to be won as well as a chance to take part in a Random Dance Play event.
The event will be held on Sunday March 17th on the main stage of Baypark Arena in Tauranga. Show will be commencing from 2pm.

K-LOUD Entertainment strives to create fun and worthwhile events for the k-pop communities in Aotearoa. See you soon Tauranga fans!

K-POP STAGE hosted and produced by K-LOUD Entertainment.




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