Klingalong: The Sci Fi Singalong

not yap wa' Hol! (One language is never enough!)

10am Main Stage
Saturday 21st October

Klingalong: The Sci Fi Singalong may be this galaxy’s first-ever singalong event in Klingon, and definitely the first to be accompanied by accordion. Learn to sing pop classics by Queen, Dolly Parton, Ginuwine, Lauryn Hill, the Pixies, and more, translated into Klingon - the language from Star Trek that now boasts hundreds of speakers worldwide. Under the guidance of comedian / singer / accordionist / Master of Linguistics / speech-language therapist Emma Wollum*, you’ll also learn some of Klingon’s choicest idioms, compliments, and insults. Fresh as warm gagh, bold as a SuvwI', and as ambitious as finding the bat'leth of Kahless, Klingalong is a truly unusual and genre-defying musical comedy experience that must be seen to be believed. 

2021: New Zealand Fringe Festival - Stellar Original Content (winner), Best In Fringe (nominee), Most Innovative Work (nominee), Pure Joy Award (nominee)
2020: Whangarei Fringe - A Genre By Any Other Name (nominee)
2019-20: NZ Gold Guitar Awards - Female Vocalist of the Year (winner)
2019: NZ Pun Battle National Final (runner-up)
2018: NZ Accordion Association - Cecil Smith Trophy (winner), Best Sightreading (winner), Best Improvisation (winner), Best Accordion Solo with Vocals (winner)
2018: Auckland Pun Battle (winner)
2017: Wellington Comedy Awards - Best Joke (winner), Best Newcomer (nominee), Outstanding Achievement (nominee), Best Comedian (nominee)
2017: NZ Comedy Raw Quest - Wellington winner, national runner-up 

“At the end of the day isn’t this show what we’re all really looking for? A good night with an accordion playing comedian with a beautiful voice and a penchant for made-up geeky languages? ?????” - Keeping Up With NZ 

“Combines science and passion” – Standing Room Only, Radio New Zealand "Transcendentally beautiful voice" – Art Murmurs, NZ


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