Star Wars World Open Qualifer 2023

The Star Wars™ World Open Qualifier event gives players the chance to participate in a competitive event for Star Wars Armada, Star Wars Legion or Star Wars X-Wing.
Players will compete against different opponents in the game of their choice over the course of the event and the players will then receive prizes based on how they performed throughout the day in those games.

Each World Open Qualifiers event awards 4 invites to the 2024 AdeptiCon World Championships, along with travel and accommodation to the winner!

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Participants can look forward to getting one of seven beautiful full-art ship cards featuring pilots from every faction, including “Holo”, Gamut Key, Vult Skerris, Hera Syndulla, Kazuda Xiono, DIS-T81, and “Contrail”.

The Top 64 will be awarded seven additional cards focusing on some of the Star Wars sagas' most iconic Jedi, such as Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Mace Windu, and Grand Master Yoda.

The prizes for the players in the Top 32 will continue the Jedi theme. They will receive a punch sheet containing manoeuvre dials, ship tokens, and more featuring unique art for these Jedi. 
Prizes for the Top 8 include 3 acrylic force tokens and a set of acrylic range rulers inspired by the lightsabers of popular Jedi!
The Top 4 will add to their collection 11 acrylic manoeuvre templates!
The champion will receive the prize that holds all the loot from the top 8 - a template tray designed to match the range rulers and manoeuvre templates! Along with travel and accommodation arrangements for the World Championship event, they will also be awarded an oversized d6 trophy to commemorate the win.


Every participant will get an alternate art version of the Standing Orders command card. The Top 4 painters will receive a C-3PO Unit Card featuring stunning full art. The Top 8 in each faction will receive one beautiful full art version of a Unit card, featuring either: Leia Organa, Emperor Palpatine, Count Dooku, Maul, or Anakin Skywalker.  

A variety of units featuring Ewoks are set to join Star Wars: Legion this summer, and players in the Top 32 at World Open Qualifiers will receive a full art Ewok Skirmishers Unit Card!
The Top 16 will get a set of 13 attack dice and the Top 2 will receive 2 punch sheets of alternate art suppression tokens to mark their achievement. 
In addition to having their World Championship travel and accommodations covered, World Open Qualifier Champions will receive an alternate art Wicket Unit Card and an oversized d6 trophy! 


Every participant will get an alternate art copy of 4 upgrade cards - Boarding Troopers, Skilled First Officer, Veteran Captain, and Defense Liaison.

The top 8 in each faction will receive an alternate art Squadron card for their faction! These include DBS-404, Whisper, Plo Koon, and Wedge Antilles.

If you make it into the top 32, you will get 4 alternate art Commander cards for Admiral Trench, Mon Mothma, Admiral Tarkin, and Admiral Piet.

The Top 8 will get 2 new alternate art double sided tarot ship cards! One will have the Venator I-class Star Destroyer and the Providence-class Dreadnought and the other will have the MC75 Armoured Cruiser and the Imperial Star Destroyer Cymoon 1 Refit.
We have some new acrylics for anyone who makes the Top 4! Distance 1 rulers for the Top 4 and range rulers for Top 2. The Champion will receive a trophy to commemorate their victory, along with travel and accommodation arrangements for AdeptiCon 2024.


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