August 2020

Here we are again in some sort of lockdown (at the time of writing) but it’s not all bad, for some of us it gives more opportunity to game.

And last month saw a varied selection of releases.

The Switch featured a couple of standout third party titles.

Carrion pits you as the monster against humans in a puzzle-level retro flesh chomping action title, making it one of the best indie gems to check out this year.

Wonderful 101 is a Wii U port over to Switch where an attack by aliens means that you and 100 other heroes are needed to save the world.

For first party, err, adventure Nintendo’s Paper Mario takes the familiar cast of characters as paper cut outs in a paper world adventure.

PlayStation released another flagship first party title, Ghost of Tsushima which features a massively open world in ancient Samurai Japan where you not only take on side quests throughout but are almost solely up against the invading Mongols as they seek to dominate and enslave your people.

For PC gamers PlayStation’s Horizon Zero Dawn released a Complete Edition.

Mech filled adventure and action is before you in a title that was redone for PC from the initial 2017 release.

Slightly before that another PlayStation juggernaut also converted to PC – Death Stranding. Touted as a ‘walking simulator’ by many this scifi action title has one of the largest open terrain game worlds ever and for PC has been reworked to eye pleasing splendour.

That’s all from us for this month.

Play on.

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