February 2020

Welcome to a new decade gamers!

And it has been a progressive start to this new year with a mix of remastered classics and new chapters within saga’s.

Most notably is the DBZ: Kakarot which recently released.

Kakarot sees the gap between the Saiyan Saga bridged over to the Buu Saga. A game that is both lengthy within its narrative and game play through.

The Nintendo Switch is again a big feature as older gamers get the opportunity to revisit Oddworld all over again with Stranger’s Wrath now ported over to the portable in HD.

As Stranger you will roam about the lands of Oddworld collecting up Bounty and eventually taking down a notorious foe.

Tokyo went dark on Switch aswell with the JRPG Tokyo Dark Remembrance. A point and click drama infused title which plays heavily on it’s engrossing narrative.

And finally the beginning of 2020 saw the rise of Zombies in Zombie Army 4: Dead War. Taking down the undead Nazi regime one bullet at a time.

This year promises to be a big one for gaming, with Xbox already having announced their next generation – Xbox Series X and Sony making noise about their upcoming PlayStation 5.

As always, stay tuned to us here at STG and game on.

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