February 28th 2019

At Sonic the Hedgehog speed, 2019 is blasting its way through the month’s.

As we now find ourselves in March, and while we know that you are preparing yourself for the Wellington Armageddon weekend coming up real soon, there’s been a few good video games that released in the last couple of weeks that you should also check out.

In the last round up we touched on Kingdom Hearts III – which turned out to be a killer game with a hell confusing overall storyline.

Further to this Far Cry: New Dawn broke out on to PlayStation, Xbox and PC. Expanding the Far Cry franchise even more with a new story that sees you rise up against a resource stealing gang called the Highwaymen in a post nuclear apocalyptic America.

Xbox owners were not left out in the month of February – Crackdown 3, an Xbox One exclusive released after a very long time in development. A fantastic and explosive play, it follows its signature take on over the top action.

For the indies, a couple of surprises. Remember Toejam & Earl? They are back on all consoles in ‘Back in the Groove’. Retro-esque hilarity ensues as you deal with pesky Earthlings all over again.

Rad Rogers, is another indie hit. A retake of a 90’s cartridge based platformer, Rad Rogers released late last year on all platforms and has now re-released with a ‘Radical Edition’ offering up a swag of new playable characters. If you are already a Rad Rogers player, then you can expect to receive a free update for the new and shiny additions.

Still in the first quarter of 2019 and already heavy hitters, triple AAA’s and indie delights have exploded onto our consoles, portables and PCs.

That's STG's wrap up for this round – game on.

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