June 2020

Hooray – we are out of lockdown and zero cases of COVID-19.

This month (month of June) is an exciting one for PlayStation gamers with the pending release of The Last of Us Part 2 from the triple A studio Naughty Dog.

We received an early review code and while we are cannot say too much, nor do we want to give any spoilers, The Last of Us Part 2 is looking like a strong contender for the game of 2020.

Some years have passed and Ellie is older, a survivor and one not to be reckoned with. Gameplay has retained the RPG element and expanded on this within a story that is the equivalent, if not better, than a high budget blockbuster film. You can read our full game preview here.

During the latter part of May Nintendo Switch was the clear winner for new releases, both from Nintendo and indie titles.

Slay’in 2 is a modern retro pixel fest where you as one of a few heroes take on monsters within Levels all the while the game itself being an (almost) endless RPG.

Nintendo themselves released Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition, a remaster and a port of a decade old title that focuses on Gods that fight in the sea as life grows on top of them… yep.

Lastly an oldie but a goodie for sure, the Oddworld series brings Abe back one more time in Munch’s Oddyssee a 3D puzzle platformer that sees two intertwining fates becoming one. A game that has always had mixed views even when it released on the Xbox 360 ages ago.

Next month be sure to check out our games summary for the full review of The Last of Us Part 2.

That’s all from us and as always, game on.

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