March 2019

Last month Shane from STG was given the opportunity for an extended hands on play of Sony’s PS4 exclusive ‘Days Gone’. Fighting off the ‘Freakers’ and surviving on only what he could find and craft, he found that the infected were not the only enemies in this outstanding title which releases on April 26th.

Mid March has also seen the rise of the Switch.

Remakes and remasters have descended upon the hybrid console with the likes of Atari Flashback Classic, a compilation of the simple but challenging to play retro games that started it all.

The Trine series continues with the second chapter for the three unlikely heroes, as Trine 2 challenges players to complex real physics puzzles in beautifully detailed worlds.

Capcom satisfy fans of the Devil May Cry series with Devil May Cry 5. After the 2013 reboot bought in a new audience, the existing fans of the series were confused as to where the franchise was heading. Devil May Cry 5 is one for the fans and newcomers combined.

Sports fans were not left out in this couple of weeks either with Trials Rising releasing from Ubisoft. Filled with motocross challenges and high adrenalin in a ‘wheelie’ superb moto fuelled madness.

And that’s our wrap up for this segment.

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