May 30th 2019

Half way through the year and what a year it has been so far.

Blockbustery titles have hit us from PlayStation through to a few ported surprises on Switch in the last six months.

Over the last couple of weeks, we have seen a PSVR explosion proving that virtual reality gaming is still on the up, with Falcon Age and the very recent release Blood & Truth which is a pseudo follow-on from the London Heist mini-game that was a part of PSVR’s initial offerings in VR Worlds.

Blood & Truth is a hyper-action British gangland adrenalin rush with you as the agent to take the thugs down.

Stepping away from VR, Rage 2 took us to the wastelands and beyond, being a standalone title and pretty much sharing the name of its unrelated 2011 predecessor from Bethesda.

Mobile gained some love in the past couple of weeks from Australian based indie developers porting over their story driven ‘The Gardens Between’ and for the petrol-head racers; GRID has announced that it is making a comeback to consoles and PC.

It’s been a quiet-ish month for Switch owners for first party releases, but there has been a retro-esque indie title worthy of note, Venture Kid which hearkens back to the days of 16BIT gaming. Ubisoft also ported Assassins Creed III.

World of Warcraft fans are reaping (and pillaging) the bonuses from Blizzard’s franchise having turned 15 years old and while on PC gaming, ANNO 1800 sees you building, controlling and unleashing that inner megalomaniac within a massively engaging simulator game.

That’s our round up for this one. See you in a couple of weeks and as always, game on!

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