REVIEW: Far Cry New Dawn

This past weekend we were lucky enough to get to try Ubisoft’s latest release Far Cry New Dawn thanks to our friends at Fiveight!

Far Cry New Dawn is the stand alone sequel to Far Cry 5 and is set 17 years after the global nuclear catastrophe at the end of Far Cry 5. The world is now safe to live in, thriving in fact, “Nuclear winter has given way to a "superbloom"”. Though as if surviving the apocalypse wasn’t enough those in the prospering Hope County are faced with a new, very human threat, The Highwaymen, led by Mickey and Lou, a pair of fearsome twins, scour the land claiming any settlements they come across as their own, destroying anything and killing anyone who gets in their way.

Supporting characters from Far Cry 5 appear throughout the game, a nice way to connect the two. However, New Dawn is written in a way that if you’re new to the Far Cry universe you won’t be at a disadvantage. Playable in co-op or solo mode the game and its universe is expansive and we can easily see even the average casual gamer sinking hours of gameplay time into this world. As well as the Story Missions the game includes Treasure Hunts, Outpost and Specialist Quests and the ability to play with different characters by utilising the Guns/Fangs for Hire option.

Despite technically being an open world game, the story limits your exploration ability at least at first, in order to survive parts of the world you need better weapons and skills, you can collect items to craft and recruit ‘specialists’ back to your base camp to upgrade ‘Prosperity’. Once you’ve increased your weapon and vehicle ranks however, you have more free reign. The ability to craft weapons is always fun, the first weapon you create (using ample amounts of duct tape) is a saw launcher, made all the more fun by the fact that the circular saw ammo has smiley faces on it.

The characters are diverse and fun with a mixture of old, young, male and female. The two standout characters of this game are the ‘Big Bads’, Mickey and Lou, otherwise known as The Twins. They’re fierce badass young women who are the leaders of the Highwaymen, a bunch of lawless fighters who intend on taking every part of this new world for themselves. With an interesting mix of neon colours, motor-cross accessories and punk and streetwear fashion influences the Twins and the Highwaymen make for some of the most aesthetically pleasing villains we’ve seen in a while.

Speaking of aesthetically pleasing the visuals in New Dawn are breathtaking from the get-go, everything from the cutscenes down to the loading screens are stunning. The amount of detail put into every character and location is one of the highlights of the game. You can tell this was a labour of love for those at Ubisoft that worked on it.

If you like the post-apocalyptic genre, quests aplenty and skill based combat levels Far Cry New Dawn is for you. New Dawn is an engaging, expansive and entertaining game that fans of Far Cry and newcomers to the universe will both enjoy.

Far Cry New Dawn is available now on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.



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