REVIEW: World War Z

Based on 2006 book and set within the 2013 film, both of the same name, World War Z is the latest release from Saber Interactive and in its purest essence is a fast-paced, fun and very bloody zombie survival game. World War Z is a four-player co-op game playable in online and offline modes. With episodes set in Jerusalem, Tokyo, New York and Moscow you can play as a variety of characters and classes (each with their own unique play styles) in survival missions within a world ravaged by thousands of zombies.

Wait did we say thousands, sorry we mean millions, one of the games most impressive features is the never-ending-rendering zombie hordes, made capable by newly developed technology deemed ‘The Swarm Engine’ by the creators at Saber Interactive. We only played on easy difficulty and that was intense enough. We’re talking zombie piles the size of buildings and zombies literally falling from the sky. Chop, shoot or blow them up whilst also healing your team, collecting ammo and weaponry and working towards an escape route. Gory, somewhat stress-inducing but also kind of fun. This is definitely not a game for the light of heart!

The game wasn’t quite as cinematic as one would expect from a game inspired by a film. The graphics were solid (especially the aforementioned endlessly spawning zombies) but compared to other games we’ve played recently (Far Cry New Dawn, Metro Exodus, Division 2) this left us wanting more grit and detail in the city environments.

Zombies have a long standing presence in pop culture and have enjoyed somewhat of a resurgence across film, TV and games in the last 10 years with titles like Zombieland, The Walking Dead, Plants vs Zombies, The Last of Us, Dying Light, Warm Bodies and more capturing the interest of the mainstream audience. The creators at Saber Interactive acknowledged the influence of Left 4 Dead on the game calling it an inspiration. This game certainly fills a nice gap for fans of the Left 4 Dead games whilst putting a new spin on the zombie killing gameplay with the new technology. If you’re a fan of other horror co-op/multiplayer games such as Dead by Daylight, Cry For Fear and Killing Floor then World War Z will be right up your alley.

World War Z is available now on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One!


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