Catherine Tate

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About Catherine Tate

Catherine Tate is an English actress and comedian, primarily known for the role of Donna Noble in the "Doctor Who" franchise.

In the 1990s, Tate started her television career with small roles in the police procedural "The Bill" (1984-2010) and the fire-brigade themed drama "London's Burning" (1988-2002). In 1996, Tate started performing stand-up comedy. In 1998, she was one of the main performers and writers in the late night sketch comedy show "Barking". 

In 2004, Tate was granted her own television series by BBC Two, called "The Catherine Tate Show" (2004-2007). It was a sketch comedy show, where Tate got to showcase some of the characters she had developed in her comedy routines. Among the most notable of them were the foul-mouthed grandmother Joannie "Nan" Taylor, and the argumentative teenager Lauren Cooper. The initial series lasted for 3 seasons. Tate has occasionally revived the characters in the number of television specials, broadcast from 2009 to 2015. The show allowed Tate to win 2 British Comedy Award, a Royal Television Society Award, and a National Television Award.

In 2006, Tate played the character Donna Noble in the "Doctor Who" Christmas special "The Runaway Bride". In the special, Donna is a secretary for a Torchwood Institute subsidiary company, who is about to get married. But she is actually a pawn in a larger conspiracy, and her fiance has is one of the conspirators. Donna serves as the Tenth Doctor's companion for this episode. He offers her a more permanent position at the TARDIS time machine, but she declines.

In 2008, Tate returned to the character of Donna Noble in the "Doctor Who" television series. She was a main character during Series 4 of the television show, but has her memory erased at the series finale "Journey's End". Tate played an amnesiac Donna in the two-part episode "The End of Time" (December, 2009-January, 2010). Tate was praised for performing well in both the comedic and tragic scenes involving the character. In a number of published polls, Donna was praised by show fans as one of the best companions in the television show's history.

From 2011 to 2013, Tate appeared in the American sitcom "The Office" (2005-2013), playing the regular character Eleanour Donna "Nellie" Bertram. Nellie was depicted as a working-class British woman from the Borough of Basildon, Essex, who somehow got promoted to the position of President of Sabre's special projects. The character often commented at her impoverished background and lack of formal education, and it was implied that she was promoted due to favoritism.

In 2017, Tate started doing voice work for the American animated television series "DuckTales" (2017-). She was cast in the role of Italian sorceress Magica De Spell, one of the main enemies of series protagonist Scrooge McDuck (played by David Tennant). 

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