Ivanna Sakhno

Ahsoka, Pacific Rim: Uprising,
The Spy Who Dumped Me

  • Autograph/Selfie Costs 
    $60 - 8x10
    $60 - Selfie
    Autograph Times
    10.30am to Noon & 2.30pm to 4pm
    Both Days
    Panel Times
    Saturday 3rd August - 1pm Main Stage
    Sunday 4th August - 1pm Main Stage

About Ivanna Sakhno

Ivanna Sakhno is an Ukrainian actress who portrays Shin Hati in the 2023 series Ahsoka. Outside of the Star Wars universe she is best known for playing the cadet Viktoriya Malikova in the science fiction film Pacific Rim: Uprising, and Nadejda in the action comedy The Spy Who Dumped Me.

Guest appears work and health commitments pending. 
Panel, photo and autograph times are subject to change.
Fee applies for autographs and photos purchased. 


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