WitchyBrew - International COSPLAY GUEST
Auckland Spring STand - #TBC
Panel Times:

Witchy is an Los Angeles-based cosplayer and host who has been traveling from convention to convention for five years. She has portrayed characters from a range of comics, video games, and various media properties but is most known for her horror themed cosplays such as Pennywise, Sally Stitches, Bellatrix Lestrange, and Scarecrow. She competed and received first prize in Twitch’s 8 week CosSlay competition, hosted by Jaremi Carey. She has also hosted large stage events at conventions such as Dr. Lupo’s GCX and Galaxycon’s across the United States. When she’s not in full gremlin cosplay mode, you can usually find her at theme parks, playing video games, decorating for halloween far too early, or cleaning fake blood and prosaide off her countertops!

Guest appears work and health commitments pending. 
Panel times are subject to change.
Fee may apply for autographs and photos purchased directly from guest.


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