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The HĀpai Access Card

Armageddon Expo are pleased to be supporting our disabled attendees by recognising the Hāpai Access Card (see below). The card is an easy way for the holder to communicate the access barriers that they have.  There are nine icons which represent the most frequent barriers that a disabled person faces when out and about. We are supporting the disabled attendees by giving card holders who need a carer - shown by the "+1" icon" - a complimentary general access ticket. Note; an actual card will only have a subset of the nine icons, not all of them as is shown on the card below.  Some card holders may wear their card in a holder on a lanyard to make it easy for you to see (example below).  If you want to see how the card can change a person's life, watch the Seven Sharp article here: Seven Sharp - Hapai Access Card


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