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Exhibitor Info

Armageddon Expo is the ultimate fantasy and gaming event. With five huge events, Armageddon Expo covers a bunch of the major cities in New Zealand (Christchurch, Tauranga, Wellington, Palmerston North, and Auckland), offering your reach far beyond what most other events can offer.

Options for participating in Armageddon Expo range from taking a general stand at the event, promotional opportunities, web advertising, sponsorship of the event or selected areas within an Armageddon Expo, special event sponsorship and more.

Contact us using our Contact form, or email sales@armageddonexpo.com or phone New Zealand (03) 322 6836 for an exhibitor pack for the event.

Armageddon Expo also features a small area for non-stores to participate in. For information on the low-cost (but very basic) collectors’ area, follow this link to Contact Us for details.


A.I. Art Policy Implementation

With the advent of new technology and how it’s implemented at events, we are constantly adjusting and reviewing how this is best presented to the public and to ensure that our exhibitors follow rules placed down, both for attendee safety and retailer satisfaction with the event.

With the recent surge of artificial intelligence art programs, we have been reviewing and have made the decision to ban all A.I. art from the events. Currently this isn’t really an issue as we do not have this present at the events, but to avoid any future issues we will be enforcing this restriction with all exhibitors attending Armageddon expos in Aotearoa.

While A.I. art does have some cool aspects to it, it is also very dependent upon existing art created by artists across the globe to create new imagery from algorithms that give no credit to the creators it is taking the metadata from.

This policy will not effect attendee experiences at the event and provides security for the many incredible artists attending the events.


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