Cosplay Parade

Whether you make or buy your costume, have an original design or base it on source material, all costumes are welcome in the Cosplay Parade / Whakaaturanga Whakakakahu! This is your chance to get up on stage and show off how fabulous you are in your costume to our adoring audience, without the pressure of competing. Think of it as a Cosplay Catwalk – and we’d love you to take part.

There are no prizes (except for the adoration of your public, of course!), but this laidback event is a relaxed and light-hearted show.

To sign up for the parade, you can find the QR codes at the Cosplay Photowall and Cosplay Hub!

The rules are simple:

  • All cosplays and props must follow the Armageddon rules found HERE.
  • No metal props or functioning weapons on stage.
  • No pointing weapons at the audience.
  • No running or acrobatics.

Want to take part? Here’s what you need to do

On the day of the Cosplay Parade, head to the Cosplay Photowall or the Cosplay hub find the signup QR code. Fill out your details (if you’re going up as a group, write it all in one row of the form so we know you’re together), and remember what your entry number is – you’ll need it later! Make sure to sign up early, as we have limited spaces and they fill up quickly. We can’t take entries on the spot either, so do make sure you’re on the list.

15 minutes before the Cosplay Parade is due to start, you’ll need to meet us by the main stage so we can get everyone in number order – this makes sure we get the next person up quickly so we don’t run out of time.

Once the Cosplay Parade starts, we’ll call everyone up in the order they signed up in. On your turn, you’ll get to come up on stage (the crowd LOVES it when you walk up in character) – make sure you move to the middle of the stage and strike a pose so everyone can snap your photo! The crowd will applaud, you’ll leave the stage, and then you’re free to go.

Got any questions about the Cosplay Parade? Check out our answers below.

How does the Cosplay Parade differ from the Cosplay Contest?
For one, there are no prizes – but there are also no restrictions (bar health and safety ones listed in the rules). The Cosplay Contest is a workmanship-based competition so you can only enter things you have made yourself and things that have pre-existing source material to be judged against. The Cosplay Parade is not a competition, so you can enter whatever kind of costume you like –self-made, bought, original designs, source-material based. 

What time do signups close?
Signups usually close 1.5 hours before the Cosplay Parade or when all entry slots on the form are filled. If all entry slots are filled, the form may be removed from the Armageddon Info Desk to dissuade people from trying to squeeze in extra slots – the staff at the info desk should be able to tell you if the form is still available or not.

I didn’t realise I had to sign up first – can I still take part?
Unfortunately, we’re too busy getting everyone in order and prepping to go on stage in those last 15 minutes to add extra people to the list, so we can’t take last-minute entries! If you can find another group from the same series who are taking part and they don’t mind you joining them, you’re welcome to come on stage as part of their timeslot though.

My child is dressed up and wants to take part but they’re too young/shy to go up alone. Can I go on stage with them despite not being in costume?
Of course! Safety is paramount, so this is not an issue. Just line up with your child and let our helpers know you’ll be accompanying them on stage.

My friends and I are dressed up from different series – can we still go up on stage as one group?
Absolutely – the more the merrier! And if solo cosplayers group up, we’ll have more entry slots to go around. ;)

My prop is made of metal so I can’t take it on stage/I have a bag with me that I don’t want to take on stage – what can I do with it?
We recommend leaving them with friends while you are on stage – unfortunately we don't have anywhere we can look after your bags for you, sorry. Failing that though, you can always bring them on stage with you and pop them down before you pose.

My friends forgot to write my name down in our group entry on the form – can I still go up on stage?
As long as you’re going on stage with a group that has signed up on the form, we don’t mind if there’s an extra couple of people – though we won’t be able to tell the crowd the names of any extra additions. It’s only adding new entries that we can’t do on the spot.

I forgot what number I am and the signup form is no longer at the information desk! What should I do?
Turn up at the main stage 15 minutes before the Cosplay Parade and find our helper – they’ll have the form and will be able to tell you what your number is.

I signed up but now I have to leave early and can’t take part any more – what should I do?
If the parade signup form is still at the Armageddon Info Desk, just cross your name out. If the form is no longer at the desk, please try to pass on the message to someone else who is entering if you can – it’s slightly embarrassing to call out someone’s name and have no one show up on the stage!

Why can’t I run/do acrobatics/do tricks with my weapon? I want to show off like my character!
We love celebrating the ‘play’ side of cosplay as much as you do – but the stage is not a safe place to do it! Not only do you risk injuring our MCs or our crowd (it's happened in the past), but the stage often has spills or debris from earlier panels on it and we can’t guarantee it will be clean enough to avoid slippery patches. We don’t want to see you braining yourself or anyone else – so that’s why these things are a no-go. If you break this rule, you will be told to leave the stage without getting to pose for your picture/applause.

Can I perform a skit on stage?
Sadly, no. We usually have as little as 30–60 seconds per entry, so if we allowed skits, it would mean cutting the number of participants by 4–5 people for each skit performed! Given that we often have to close entries because they are full, that wouldn’t be fair on everyone else. If you’d like to perform a skit and have made your own costume, we suggest entering the Cosplay Competition. If you have not made your costume, there is no facility for a skit-only event at this time.

I’m not taking part, but can I take photos?
From the comfort of your seat, yes! Please note that aisles must be kept clear for health and safety reasons so only Armageddon Media Pass Holders are permitted to take photos from the aisles. If you are in an aisle and not a media pass holder you will be asked to move.



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