Media Enquiries

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Thanks for your interest in Armageddon Expo. If you are wanting to apply to cover any of our events as a Media Pass Holder please read the information below before submitting an application using our online form at the bottom of this page.

Please Note: An Armageddon Media Pass is valid for only one person and cannot be shared throughout an organisation. Each person attending must apply for a Media Pass. If you have friends attending they can purchase an attendee ticket here.

An Armageddon Media Pass holds no monetary value and cannot be traded for cash or other tickets. Sharing photos of your pass online or duplicating it in any way will see your pass removed.

An Armageddon Media Pass provides you with entry to all public areas of the event during opening hours. A Media Pass does not grant you priority access in queues, early entry or entry to VIP Panels, the VIP Cocktail Party or other such paid events during the show. Please also note a Media Pass does not guarantee you seating in any of the panels.

Media Pass Holders are not permitted to film any of the panels on any of the stages. No flash photography is allowed during panels. If photos are taken they must be taken from your seat. Please do not block the aisles or the area surrounding the stage. No photos or videos are to be taken in the Celebrity Signing Area or Photo Booth.

Media Passes are limited in quantity and assigned at our discretion. If you have not qualified for one you will not be permitted to acquire one from another organisation. No Media Passes will be granted on-site.



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