2022 is here!

Posted January 11, 2022

Just a small update as we start the wheels turning behind the scenes for the year.
On Monday Jan 17th at 9am tickets will go on sale for the Tauranga Feb 26/27th event through There will be door sales, but with demand high, it’s always safer to get your tickets early if you can.

Virtual media guests will be announced next week (ideally Monday am as well) and the event promotion really begins.

We are working on several new activities for the event, including a Red Light, Green Light event, a massive new inflatable obstacle course and a Halo Infinite gaming zone. Full details will follow later this month.

We are also in the process of finalising a few new event sponsors which will add some cool aspects (and free samples) to the event.

For Christchurch and Wellington, we will be making announcements in February on these shows, with tickets not on sale until the beginning of March.

So stay tuned for updates as we head into Twenty Twenty Two.



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