An Interview with Andrew Matarazzo

Posted June 13, 2019


We sat down with Teen Wolf star Andrew Matarazzo at the recent Tauranga Armageddon Expo to chat all things Teen Wolf, music, his advice for actors, his thought on New Zealand and more! Check out some of his answers below.

Q: What do you think of New Zealand having spent a week here?

A: I have always wanted to come to New Zealand since I was 14 so it was everything that I dreamed of. My main goal was seeing a Kiwi and going to Hobbiton and i did both of them, so that's amazing. It was a lot colder and rainier than I thought it would be but there's just as many sheep and cows as I thought there was going to be. There was a lot to do - glow worms, that's another thing that I was really looking forward to, and we did that, so I feel satisfied. I feel like I got the Kiwi experience

Q: What was your experience like filming Teen Wolf?

A: My little brother was a huge fan of Teen Wolf so I had always been aware of the name, so when I got in contact with Jeff Davis and I got the audition, I was, A) stoked, B) extremely nervous not to blow my one chance, but it was really cool because I was originally supposed to only be on two episodes, and by the end of the second episode I got told I was going to be in the third one and the fourth one, and the fifth. So each time the episode was coming to an end, I thought it was “okay bye everyone, I'll never see you again,” and it ended up being another episode, then another one. It was really cool to stay present during each episode and feel I wasn't guaranteed anything. I just kept living in the moment and it kept me really present during the entire thing. Not only that but I had always wanted to be part of a cast of people my age because I always liked the idea of young actors my age that, not only could we be friends outside of the cast, but also experience the whole thing together. Having that friend group dynamic, I feel that I really got that out of Teen Wolf

Q: If you could pick another Teen Wolf character to play who would you pick and why?

A: Stiles, for sure. Dylan O’Brien’s character. Just because he has such an epic arc, and he had so many cool scenes. He gets to play the funny guy, some really dark scenes, the love scenes, everything that he has is on this really wide arc and I really like his transformation as a character from season 1 all the way to the I’d probably say Stiles.

Q: Is it fun to play the bad guy?

A: Totally! There’s challenges obviously to playing a bad guy but what I like personally is, I’m so opposite of Gabe or a bad guy - or I like to think so at least - that playing a bad guy is interesting because you’re not supposed to be aware that you're the bad guy, so it's cool for me to try to navigate his mindset, and try to figure out how to not just play the “bad kid.” What are my motives and what would make me as Andrew do something that Gabe would be doing. So I found it really fun to fill in the blanks that Jeff Davis, the writer, didn't really explain in the series persae but maybe gave some hints in the way that I speak, and the way he envisioned Gabe’s character. I had a lot of fun filling in the blanks of how does someone become like Gabe, why does he hate Werewolves so much and super naturals. What is his biggest fears and his motives. So thats what makes playing a bad guy fun; its what would make me as Andrew do the things this character is doing.

Q: If you could be a hybrid of two animals which would you pick?

A: Well I have top 5 animals, I’m going to name them; Owl is my first favorite, Jellyfish is my second favorite, Octopus is my third favorite, Kiwis are now my fourth favorite, after seeing one in person. I don't think I even have a fifth one, I think that's my top four so I'm just going to go with my top two, a Jellyfish and an Owl. That would probably look so freaking weird, I don't know what parts of what it would have, but I feel that that would be my hybrid.






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