Posted January 31, 2022

So, while we are all set to rock and roll, Covid has reared its ugly head again (hopefully for the final time, fingers crossed) and we are unable to host the event in February as hoped.

Instead, we will be moving the Tauranga event to our new dates (same venue) of
JULY 23/24TH 2022.

We know that this will be disappointing to many, but the loss of mass events while at red is a small price to pay for you and your families health and safety.

We look forward to bringing the event to the Bay of Plenty, even if a little later than planned.

Ticket holders will be offered a full refund or can move their tickets to the new date if they prefer. iTicket will be in touch soon (do give them a little time as they are dealing with other events changes as well).

Currently we are holding onto the dates for Christchurch and Wellington as the next events, however we have reserved backup dates later in the year as it is highly likely that we will have to postpone these events as well, we are going to hold the current dates for now, but do expect changes to come.

Sorry to be the barer of bad news, but when things do move, we will be ready to rock it.



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