Wellington Armageddon Update

Posted March 15, 2019

It’s so close now! #WELLYGEDDON 2019 and here are our incredible TWO event posters.
Are you team RED or team BLUE?!

These will be hitting the streets now! Street posters, billboards and digital advertising, so look out for them all.

The event schedule is now live (and being updated regularly, so make sure you check it out) All media guests autograph, signing and photo session times are now on-line. Tokens for autographs and photographs go on sale in 15 days on March 29th! Tokens for TOM WELLING (Smallville) and NICHOLAS HOULT (X-Men, Skins, Mad Max Fury Road, Tolkien and more) are on sale currently through Ticketek.

This year’s guest line-up is one of our best ever and we look forward to sharing it with you.
Unfortunately, media guests Rachael Harris and Michael Rosenbaum are unable to attend the event due to work schedule changes and a health issue, we are working to see when we can bring them down later for you.

This website has also had updates on the events taking place around the show including the massive new trading Card tournaments, eating contests and challenges, cosplay costume events and contests, E-sports and computer gaming and so much more. So please have a look around as there is lots going on!



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