Winter Is Coming...

Posted December 6, 2021

So, straight to it then, due to several reasons (see below) we have made the difficult
decision to cancel this year’s Auckland Armageddon event.

We will be holding a live stream on Facebook at Noon today to go through this in detail.
With the uncertainty of the shift to orange or staying in red, talking with exhibitors who
were very uncertain and had considerable costs that are unavoidable the week of the show,
caution on Auckland Covid response and willingness to attend a mass gathering (and this
would be the first), concerns about anti-vaxers and the real threat of these issues destroying
the event and not being able to recover (plus other behind the scenes factors), we have
decided to not proceed as hoped.

This is the single hardest decision we have ever had to make, and we know that it will be a
huge disappointment to many (ourselves included). We have invested over a year of
planning into this year’s event and to have it come to naught is not the result we were
hoping for.

However, it is our belief that this is the right call and that as we enter 2022 things will
become much more certain for events with Vaccination rates and the new traffic light
system well in place that will allow events to proceed mostly unhindered.

ALL tickets, VIP passes and virtual autograph tokens purchased for the Auckland event will
be refunded by iTicket. Please give them a little time as we have a number of tickets to

This means that our next event will be February 26/27th at Tauranga and we hope you will
join us there.

This Friday at Noon we will also have a second livestream to catch up and announce plans
for 2022 that we have been working on and can announce earlier than expected, with a
number of new things happening in Christchurch and Auckland in particular.

So please stay tuned, for Winter is Coming…



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