Christchurch Signing Times

Times listed below do not include panel times and are open to change.

All guests attend work and health commitments pending. Guest line-up is subject to change without notice so please visit the event website and Facebook page for updates.

Some guests have panels, photos or events during signing times and will not be at the signing area in those times.

Catherine Tate, Holly Marie Combs - $70
2pm to 4.30pm
Both Days

John Noble, Joe Flanigan, Clive Standen, Lucy Martin - $50
2pm to 4.30pm
Both Days

Caitlin Glass, Abby Trott
Personal Items/8x10's - $30 
Selfies - $30
Personal Item/8x10 Combos - $50
Funko Pops - $60
11am to 1pm and 2pm to 4pm 
Both Days

John Layman, Ron Marz
11am to 1pm signing and 2pm Creators Workshop
Both Days

Fee applies for Autographs and Photos purchased. One token allows one autograph - if you are wanting multiple items signed, you will need multiple tokens.


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