Wellington Main Stage

Saturday 3rd December

10am - Pokémon panel with Veronica Taylor
10.45am - Team Rocket Challenge with special guest judge Veronica Taylor
11am - Princess Bride panel with Cary Elwes
Noon - Titans panel with Conor Leslie
1pm - Star Trek: Picard panel with Evan Evagora
2pm - The Magicians panel with Hale Appleman
3pm - Cosplay panel with CutiePieSensei
4pm - Cosplay Parade

Sunday 4th December

10am - Anime panel with Leah Clark and Austin Tindle
11am - Firefly panel with Summer Glau
Noon - Spartacus panel with Liam McIntyre
1pm - Princess Bride panel with Cary Elwes
2pm - Outlander panel with Graham McTavish
3pm - Chilli Eating Challenge
3.30pm - Cosplay panel with SpicythaiDesign and the Cosplay Judging Team
4.15pm - Cosplay Contest


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